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I'm From Beet Refresh Pad

I'm From Beet Refresh Pad

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This refreshing pad containing 20% Red Beet extract moisturizes skin powerfully and adds vitality to dull and rough skin. The powerful vitalizing energy of organic Red Beet is fully conveyed without destroying any active compounds using the Cold Decoction Method that infuses thick liquid at a low temperature for 100 hours.

The soft fabric containing 20 times more Red Beet essence smoothly touches the skin without irritation and provides long-lasting moistness. The pulp in the middle of the triple-layered pad holds 260ml of essence, which is about 20 times the weight of the fabric itself, providing deep hydration to the skin.

Red Beet is rich in anthocyanin, making dull skin clear and rough skin smooth. It’s also rich in beta-carotene that calms and soothes sensitive and irritated skin.

The thick & soft pad is soaked in moist essence, providing long-lasting moisturization without leaving a sticky residue.


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